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COVID-19 Support Remote Learning Assistance: Support by your tutor to complete all tasks set by the school.

On-Demand Online Tutoring

Do you need help with an assignment due tomorrow?

Confused and stressed about the exam you are studying for?

If you need help for just one hour or so, and don’t need to commit to long-term tutoring, then On-Demand Online Tutoring is just for you.

  • Quickly upload your documents so you and your tutor can work together on answering your questions
  • Chat via the video screen
  • Save pages to your computer
  • Print out pages
  • Easy "share screen" function

All On-Demand Online Lessons are conducted online only via the On-Demand Online Calendar. You can access your lesson from a computer, laptop or tablet and connect using Firefox.  See How To Use The Online Classroom.

All tutors have undergone our interview and screening process and are experts in their field. 

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Ongoing Tutoring Enquiries

For some students, ongoing weekly tuition is preferred. These ongoing lessons can be delivered online or in the privacy of your own home.

If you think that you are more suited to ongoing lessons,  please contact us:

General Tutoring Enquiries